What on Earth should year 10 students do now?

Since school closures, students have been understandably concerned about what they should expect to happen around their studies and exams.

While the initial focus was of course on those students facing exams this summer, the situation was also stressful for those students preparing for exams next year.

If your child is in year 10, you and they are likely worried about the school time they're missing. And there have been questions raised about whether there would be any resulting changes to the examination plans for them.

Government advice

There has been some additional guidance released from the government last week about this.

From 15 June, secondary schools, sixth form and further education colleges are able to offer face-to-face support for pupils in year 10 and year 12, and 16 to 19 learners in the first year of their course, to supplement their remote education. Schools and colleges will be able to have a quarter of pupils in these year groups in school at any one time.

So schools are opening to more students, but not full time. It will essentially be 25% of the time they would ordinarily have had in their classrooms. How this time will be used is entirely left up to the school, and so there will be a variety of approaches. You can read more about this in their article.

And that's assuming that you want to send your child back to school, as not everyone is choosing to do so. While the governments 5 tests have been met, the virus is still being transmitted without any vaccine available. And some parents are not willing to take that chance.

The school environment students will be returning to will be a very different one from the one they left. Social distancing is enforced, there are notices and reminders to stay alert, wash your hands, and keep 2m distance at all times. Some will be wearing face masks.

A lot of the work will continue to be online, meaning that students will need to make the most of face to face time with their school teachers. It is even more important to speak up when things are not clear, and to make use of the available resources.

Students who don't have access to a computer at home to access online support are having these provided by their schools. If you don't have internet access at home, schools are providing 4G routers to solve this. And educational sites are going to be temporarily exempt from data charges, so there will be no cost involved. If your school has not already offered this, get in touch with them to find out how you can access these services.

Setting expectations

It is expected that students will be continuing to learn at home, with increase self-guided learning. Schools are setting work online through emails, Google classroom, etc. every day. Students should be completing this as it is set and contacting their individual teacher for help where they are not able to complete it.

As with all homework, the aim is not to complete it perfectly but to assess understanding of the topic. If your child does not understand the topic sufficiently to complete the work, then they need more help, and should never feel that they can't ask for that.

However it is difficult for schools to provide that without being able to communicate directly with their class as usual. They have a lot of students to support, and transitioning from the classroom to remote, one-to-one learning is challenging to say the least.

If you child needs additional support with their maths and science studies, our team at Green Tutors is happy to help. We have years of experience with this. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

Plans for next year

It is inevitable that provisions will need to be made to account for this lost time, but what that will be is yet to be decided.

Suggestions include:

  • Summer school classes

  • Exams scheduled for later in the year

  • Grades determined by school assessment as is happening for 2020 assessments

  • Students resit the year (very unlikely)

All of these options allow for students to mitigate this disadvantage with self-guided learning. This means that the more work your child is able to give to their studies now, the better they will be able to do when exam time does come around.

If your child would benefit from one to one support online this school year, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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