Meet The Tutor: James

James is our representative in t'North, based just outside of Newcastle. He's been tutoring with us for several years now and has wonderful feedback for his patient, calm manner, and sense of humour. He's helped many students through their chemistry exams, and has a real passion for the subject.

James is a medicinal chemist working in a cancer research department. He comes from the northeast of England and studied both undergraduate and postgraduate chemistry degrees in Scotland (with a bit of time in the southeast). In his spare time, James enjoys epic road trips to European music festivals. Last year this was Belgium and the Czech Republic. COVID-19 spoiled plans for a return trip to Belgium, and a short drive to Slovenia :(

Qualifications MChem in Chemistry with Industrial Experience (First). Ph.D. in Pure and Applied Chemistry.

What is your current role? Cancer Research Chemist

What did you study to get here? Masters and Ph.D. in chemistry

Is this what you always wanted to do? Yes

What kind of student were you at school? Mischievous

(This is becoming a bit of a theme with these tutors! Clearly I hire the ones that have a sense of humour.)

Did you have a tutor? No

How did you decide what to study? It was the topic I enjoyed most from an early age

Did you make any mistakes or have any setbacks in your career path? Yes... Didn't return to education until 20, started university at 22, and finished degrees at 30!

What are your top three tips for GCSE students? Listen to your teachers, share your learning with others, and take rest to aid your study!

If you'd like to book a lesson with James, book a call on the home page to discuss what you need.

General availability for lessons with James: Evenings - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

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