5 Ways to get ahead in exams, without leaving home!

Effective self-managed learning has always been an important way to be successful in exams. Whether

that’s keeping on top of homework or revising for major tests. If you want the top grades, it’s a vital way to support what you've been taught in college and school.

Then came the restrictions created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Suddenly, countless students had to meet their educational goals working from their bedrooms, kitchen tables or living rooms!

Self-managed learning on this scale is tough, including for ambitious young people who want a future in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Here are five tips for success when studying from home, useful during the pandemic and afterwards too!

1. Time and space

You may well have heard this one before, but it's so worth repeating. Creating a designated area of your home to study involves finding somewhere as free from distractions as possible - a location where you can keep your laptop and materials and feel ‘in the zone’.

Make a point of going to this study spot in a regular pattern, to keep up your motivation and learning momentum.

2. Get family support

Having the backing of your family to do well in your education and forge a STEM career starts when they leave you in peace to study! Keep your parents informed of your routine so they don’t disturb you. (Apart from bringing drinks and snacks perhaps.)

3. Explore all e-learning options

Highly varied and interesting online education resources have been developing rapidly for some time. The pandemic has given this a huge boost, not least as everyone has started sharing links to some great online learning options. Make the most of the internet and explore your topics on credible sites.

4. Use technology to learn in groups

Self-managing your education from home can mean you miss out on the exchanges and interactions that were once taken for granted with your peers. Fortunately, technology offers you a way to still learn in groups from home, such as Green Tutors' option to study online in shared lessons.

5. Make the most of tutors

Many colleges and schools have worked hard to provide resources for students while at home, and this should be used as much as possible. It is something Green Tutors has been doing for years, so we know how valuable it can be to access support, guidance and learning from personal tutors online.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

It is possible to have a positive and successful learning experience when studying at home, especially if you use all the resources and opportunities available. However, don’t lose sight of the need to protect your mental health and your study-life balance! Make sure to take regular breaks and put some ‘just for fun’ online learning into your day.

Happy home studies!

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