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So, you’ve survived the Mock exams and have your results. We hope they are what you were expecting and give you a positive start to the year. Those students retaking their GCSE exams in November should have collected their results in January. It was all good news for our re-taking students! They can now celebrate their pass marks and move on with their further studies. Summer exam dates are published and now is the time to get revision schedules in place.

Think about it. Balancing revision for all subjects around school and potential social activities mean that minutes matter. Preparing for the mocks may mean you already have a revision plan and methods. If you need to modify what you already have, and if you don’t have a proper plan start one.

Over the next few months revision may become a big part of your life but it doesn’t need to be daunting. Follow these simple tips to help build a plan:

  1. Be realistic – Make sure your revision plan has breaks and time away from your desk.

  2. Work out the best method – You may be more comfortable with lists, postcards, big pictures, books. Revise in a way that works for you.

  3. Revise all subjects - Don’t forget any subject but be aware of any area or topics that may need a bit more work.

  4. Talk – Maybe arrange group revision sessions or just ask those around you to test you.

  5. Reward – Set short term, realistic goals and reward yourself.

At Green Tutor’s we can work with you to create an effective revision plan. Working with our tutors will help keep you on track and we’re always there to answer queries or review more challenging topics.

If you’d like a free revision support chat get in touch today, and good luck!

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